Affected Vehicles:

2018 CRF250L MLHMD441*J5101091 MLHMD441*J5103006
2018 CRF250LA MLHMD445*J5100273 MLHMD445*J5100543
2018 CRF250LR RALLY MLHMD441*J5101045 MLHMD441*J5102612
2018 CRF250LRA RALLY MLHMD445*J5100309 MLHMD445*J5100492
2018 CBR300R MLHNC510*J5400863 MLHNC510*J5400927
2018 CBR300R MLHNC511*J5400099 MLHNC511*J5400108
2018 CBR300RA MLHNC515*J5400257 MLHNC515*J5400277
2018-2019 CMX300 MLHNC530*J5101699 MLHNC530*K5200316
2019 CMX300 MLHNC531*K5200001 MLHNC531*K5200036
2018-2019 CMX300A MLHNC535*J5100489 MLHNC535*K5200072
2019 CB300R MLHNC550*K5000041 MLHNC550*K5001213
2019 CB300RA MLHNC554*K5000040 MLHNC554*K5000269


Safety Recall: 

Honda is launching a SAFETY RECALL on certain model year 2018 CRF250L/LA, CRF250LR/ LRA RALLY, 2018 CBR300R/A, 2018-2019 CMX300/A and 2019 CB300R/A motorcycles to replace the transmission mainshaft, which may have been improperly machined during manufacturing. The machining error could result in a mainshaft circlip not completely seating into the circlip groove, which could cause the circlip to become loose. A loose mainshaft circlip could be dislodged, resulting in damaged transmission gears, which could cause the rear wheel to lock-up. A rear wheel that locks-up increases the risk of a crash.

Honda will provide a new transmission mainshaft to replace the defective part.

Service Bulletin Multi-Model Transmission Mainshaft #1 includes the affected models and VIN ranges, parts and warranty claim information and repair procedure information to replace the transmission mainshaft.

Honda will notify customers by letter advising to make an appointment with an authorized Honda dealer to perform the recall repair by replacing the transmission mainshaft with a new part.


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