Honda Service Bulletin: STOP SALE - March 2019

Affected Vehicles:

2016 Pioneer SXS1000 Series - ALL

2017 Pioneer SXS1000 Series - ALL

2018 Pioneer SXS1000 Series - ALL

2019 Pioneer SXS1000 Series - ALL

Safety Recall: 

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Honda is conducting a SAFETY RECALL/STOP RIDE/STOP SALE of all model year 2016-2019 Honda Pioneer 1000 vehicles to replace the throttle pedal assembly. Under certain conditions, corrosion may build up within the throttle pedal pivot which can cause the throttle pedal to become stuck and not return to the closed position.


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Safety Consequence:

A throttle pedal that does not retun to the closed position could result in loss of vehicle control.

Not sure if you have a recall or not?
Email us your vin # and we can notify you, if your machine has a safety recall. 

Have your recall completed in the off-season when it doesn't cut into to your riding time.  
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